Spiritual Coaching

What is your expectation?

Want to be mindful? Want to be more mature? have clarity? experience the cosmos within? live life to the fullest? experience oneness with cosmos? realize who am I?

Spiritual coaching address the above challenges and gives the necessary solution. For other challenges look at life coaching, performance coaching, executive coaching and relationship coaching.

Understanding Consciousness

This entire cosmos is an expression of the divinity. This divinity also expresses as You. The realization of this reality gives immense bliss, clarity and contentment in one's life. The ignorance of this reality creates a life of desires and fears. Every negativity a human wants to be free of stems from this fear of self vs the rest of the cosmos. The realization of the absence of separation results in experiencing cosmic oneness.

3 factors determine Spiritual Awakening

1. Grace 2. Curiosity 3.Contemplation

The Wrong Approach

The inability to see the harmony in paradox, sticking to belief system and religion makes the mind rigid and not sharp enough to see beyond the illusive obvious. Divinity is not a person, or a thing.​

The Right Approach

Everything in this cosmos is consciousness. This reality can't be blindly accepted but questioned with integrity. The questioning of everything believed allows one to transit to knowing and eventually realizing. Deep contemplation as to what is God? Who am I? is the way to realize the consciousness and the Self.

Being in the moment

Being aware of whatever this moment holds is mindfulness. When each moment is lived 100% life is lived fully. Each moment is also clouded by thoughts that reflect the correct understanding. These thoughts are primarily fear based and desire based. The ability to experience the underlying serenity requires one to go beyond the emotional turmoil of the thoughts. The more one realizes the reality beyond the ignorance the more one is aware of the moment in fullnes.

How SISOSU transforms you?

SISOSU's first step is to step in or withing oneself. The stepping within oneself not only makes one aware of the functioning of the mind but also be aware of finer aspects of the Self that gets missed for the denser aspects. SISOSU makes one get deeper insight into the reality of life, existence and consciousness. It makes one realize that they are an expression of the cosmic divinity with all same qualities of the divinity itself.

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