Life transforming program

SISOSU™ is a unique life transforming program that works from inside out. It focuses primarily on removing insecurities and psychological blocks. It brings clarity in understanding life and the ability to handle demanding life challenges.

Like removing the clogs in a water hose it works on un-knotting the mental blocks permanently so life happens full throttle. In the absence of fear and insecurity clarity dawns, postponement vanishes and motivation fires up.

SISOSU™ would help you shorten the learning curve saving invaluable life years. It empowers you with longer reach at the echelons of status, accomplishments, joy and well being.

3 Steps

Step IN


Step OUT

Step UP

01. step IN

You are the most important tool that you should know. Know your strengths. Know your mental blocks that hinder your growth & well being. Realize how you unconsciously create a life that you dislike. The problem is within and the solution has to be within too.

02. step OUT

Now, when you step out you are no more the same person. You have evolved. You are clearer. You are calmer. You have matured. You got the groove of life. You perform better in style and with ease. With no mental block you would be ‘you’ for the very first time.

03. step UP

With dawning of deep clarity within there is no force on Earth that could stop you from reaching summit. Everything would begin to fall in place. You would do the right things at the right time. You would know what you can do with yourself & you would do it to the fullest.

Mental Block

Get Rid of it



The mistake of not stepping within

You are the architect of your life. It is easy to blame external setting and factors for your unhappiness and failures. You can always be one step above your situations by using the infinite powers of your serene mind. To tap your potential you first need to step in, delve into your Self. With the realization of your strengths and talents then step out to face the world. You would no more be just another person but you would step up to the higher echelons of life and well being. Read more to know symoptoms of not stepping within

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