1. Identifying Objectives

The first few sessions would identify your objectives, measure its reasonableness and feasibility. It is to understand where you stand as to your mental strength, stamina and toughness. Learn about your worries, fears, motives & surroundings. It will be to unearth mental obstacles and identify conflict of interest that affect clarity.


2. Mirroring Mental Blocks

You would know what is hindering your growth and happiness. You realize how unconsciously you are walking in a self created path that is actually slowing you down and draining your happiness, enthusiasm and energy. Making you aware of your self defeating actions is the first concrete step to bring about accomplishment.


If it is chasing your dream it would tell you what it takes to be there and if there is any mismatch between the goal, talent and real motive you would come to know. If you are a lion meowing as a cat you would realize that and roar but if you are a lion wanting to be an elephant you would be jolted to wake up to reality. You would not trumpet but roar. It might appear breaking your dream but it is better early than late. Whatever the reality be it would take you to the much needed clarity for success, happiness and well being. Clarity is the key to life and SISOSU™ mirrors that to you. It would pinpoint your true craving needs that brings about your holistic growth - abundance happiness and success.

3. Unknotting Mental Blocks

With understanding on what the subtle hindrances are we begin to work on removing them. There would be milestones and strategies to reach them. In the process of clearing the big one many ancillary mental blocks gets freed. It would be step by step and cyclic as seeds of transformation are sowed.

4. Making Progress

The next step would be to monitor and tow along as you take both baby steps and giant steps in your journey within. The complexity of the conflicting desires and fears hindering your outlook at life begins to ease. Your self-belief is redefined and sharpened. You would begin to knot less and unknot more.

The Result - You will accomplish what you are born for.

With lesser and lesser mental knots clarity sets in. With clarity comes ease of accomplishment and less of regrets. The emotions are clear and you address the right emotion at the right time. You act with maturity and walk with a serene mind. Success is effortless and happiness is natural to you because the natural life energy that is right within you is unhindered & that does the trick.


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