Relationship Coaching

What is your challenge?

Compatibility Issues? Not feeling loved? Unable to love? in a stifling relationship? lack of individual identity? toxic and abusive relationship?

Relationship coaching address the above challenges and gives the necessary solution. For other challenges look at life coaching, performance coaching, executive coaching and spiritual coaching.

Understanding Romantic Relationship

A relationship between a man and a woman happens to satiate the need of being loved, to love, to have a family, to feel complete, to share life, for companionship and to lead a meaningful life. The love that was so beautiful suddenly turning sour happens when these expectations are not met, rise in level of insecurities, lifestyle incompatibility, sexual incompatibility  and so on.

3 factors determine happy relationship

1. Mutual Love 2. Mutual Respect 3. Mutual Trust

The Wrong Approach

Many believe that the solution is either in correcting the erring behavioral pattern of the other partner or in subjugating self to a stifling altered behavior for certain peace and calm in the house. Both approach doesn't bring the harmony in the relationship.

The Right Approach

For a harmonious relationship the needs of the Self and that of the partners are to be met. It needs to be understood at a little deeper level. This allows in not meeting the surface needs but assuaging the deep rooted insecurities. This not only satiate needs but also make relationship compatible and palatable.

How to nurture a beautiful relationship?

What stops a beautiful relationship from blooming is the deep rooted insecurities of both yours and that of your partner expressing as expectations to be met by the other. The first step then is to know both your insecurities - known and unknown. Dropping of the collective insecurities is the only way to build mutual love and respect in a relationship.

How SISOSU transforms you?

SISOSU is akin to a mirror that facilitates you to be aware of the inner working of the mind. It points to the hidden inadvertent self destructive insecurities and desires of yours and that of your partner. It allows you to drop those insecurities, causes better behavior, builds trust, respect and love between partners. It causes the blooming of a happy, nourishing and fulfilling relationship

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