Senthil Shanmugam​
Facilitator of Inner Clarity

He is a life transformation coach, a mind coach, meditation facilitator and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Purnam Meditation Retreat.

He understands the nature of the mind at its depth, knows how the psychological blocks gets formed and how to loosen up those by facilitating inner clarity. He is the inventor of SISOSU a very simple but the only effective solution that addresses the root of all life challenges.

Hundreds have benefited from the deep insights of his programs, workshops, story telling and speeches. He combines eternal wisdom, functional laws of nature governing mind and psychology to throw subtle light on the fetters of the mind. He empowers the participant with directions to a permanent solution, positivity and complete clarity.

In his own Words

Hi Friend!

Life functions on two driving forces. 1. Desire & 2. Fear. Contemplate on this.

To take charge of life one has to be in direct mastery of these two forces. Any attempt without addressing the causation is fixing the symptom and not the root cause. Modern psychology only points to the problem but the fix is not in just identification of the problem. The suggestions and advises by psychological counselors and other life coaches is to manage or suppress the consequence. What is the point of managing anger after it has occurred? Why not empower yourself with the non occurrence of anger? That is the difference between any other life coaching and SISOSU life coaching.

That is why I prefer to call myself as a facilitator of inner clarity because none of the SISOSU program is about fixing the symptom but the causation. The problem is much deep rooted than what psychology can identify. Psychology stops with the identification and why of a problem but is unable to solve. So instead it prefers counselling and worse medications. The human mind is self motivated and knows the ills of life, it doesn't need another person saying that. But it is entangled and confused because of stifling negativity like fear, insecurity, shame, guilt and beliefs. It looks to be free of the thorn in the feet not a bandage wrapped for sprint and marathon. For a permanent solution the negativity has to go. That can go only when the participant realizes the uselessness of it in their dream pursue.

In the absence of negativity life is automatically positive, clear, happy, successful and fulfilling. I wish you the very best in your self discovery, healing, improvement and growth.  I will be of immense support in your journey to a complete living if you choose to sign up for SISOSU.

Thank you.

Senthil Shanmugam

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