The Magical World of Mindfulness

Each and every one of us can experience this magical world because it is purely an internal bliss irrespective of the nature of external situation. When the external world is experienced from the backdrop of inner serenity every challenge will be a molehill not a mountain, confusions will be replaced with clarity, shelved dreams will take wings, a genuine calmness and sense of fulfillment sets in. One can experiences a 24x7 stress and anxiety free life. It is perhaps your time to experience this inner magic?

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment in its entirety. One important aspect of this moment is awareness of the Self.

The mind can be aware of many sensory perceptions. It can be aware of the world through the perceptions of the 5 senses. It can be aware of the thought and emotions. It is capable of being aware of the Self - body, mind and intellect. Unaware of any one of the aspect is a moment lived incompletely and not satiating.

When the mind is limited to awareness of just a few aspects it can be labeled as a unaware living. For example is a mind that is so lost in its own thoughts and emotions endlessly. It is busy thinking all the time that it hardly experiences life beyond thought and emotion. It can fail to cherish the beautiful flower, find calmness in a bird chirp and so on. Life passes by because the mind is so caught up and a sense of non fulfillment sets in.

If one has to live this moment full the only possibility is to be aware of all the possible experiences in this moment offers.

Human is a sensory being. Take away the sensory perceptions he or she is a vegetable. If one has to live this moment full the only possibility is to be aware of all the possible experiences this moment offers. That's fulfillment. When each moment of life is lived fully life is also lived full. A sense of cosmic oneness and abundance seeps in. The body, mind and intellect is most relaxed and most serene when in sync with the present moment. Experience this cosmic magic unfold in your life by being mindful each moment.

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