Is it lack of motivation or lack of clarity or fear that hinders your progress?

If you think it is lack of motivation that hinders your progress then the possibility of you knocking on wrong doors is very likely. You might find inspiration once in a while, here and there but it is not a permanent driving force that will see you through the ups and downs.

Let's get the facts straight. Everybody is a born seeker and has desires. These desires are your motivations. Take a moment and allow that to sink in. The fact that you are reading this in order to find motivation arises from a motivated desire to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Your seeking or motivation has lead to this page. Your desires (motivations) are still burning and alive.

So stop looking to find motivation. Nobody needs to give you desires. You need to find what is holding you back. It is not lack of motivation because you are full of desires but it is lack of clarity due to many known and unknown fears. Fears and anxieties are the root cause for confusions, indecisiveness, postponement and disinterest.

Your desires are the accelerators. Your fears are the brakes. You can’t drive the car with both the accelerator and brakes pressed together at the same time. It sure will skid. Seeking motivation is pressing the accelerator harder without removing the legs of the brakes. It is not going to work if the brakes (fears) are hard pressed too. The smartest and easiest way to progress and reach your destination is to take the legs of the brakes and steer well with clarity.

You have to drop your fears and harness the natural propelling force of your desires. The bird that is tied to a tree doesn’t need large and stronger wings but the chain that is tied to its legs has to be freed. Telling your mind not to fear, be strong, and be courageous and many others will not work. You haven’t removed the fear, the legs of the brake, the chain.

The only way to free yourself from your fears is to pierce through its fallacy. You will have to see for yourself your inadvertent pressing of the accelerators and brakes deep within the mind. You will have to understand and master the functioning of the mind to put to use the right way. You will have to realize how you are inadvertently drawing your inner blueprint with full of stifling ideas and beliefs. The more you unearth and realize the redundancy and fallacy of these psychological blocks (fear) the clearer and motivated you become. You will have to realize how unintentionally you keep these negative forces alive, nurture it and cherish it at the deepest realms of your mind.

Like a hose that is freed of the clogs you will function with renewed vigor (motivation) and clarity with the permanent removal of the psychological clogs and fears within you.

It is good to focus on the root than on the symptoms. Knock on the right doors. Don’t look for motivation instead look for clarity, look to be free of fears. Learn and master the art of looking within to find and stay motivated and productive all times.



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