Performance Coaching

What is your challenge?

Distracted? Postponement? Indecisiveness? Lack of Motivation? Bored? Disinterested? Indifference? performance fear? Shifting Interests? Incomplete Projects? Confused? Self doubt? No confidence?

Performance coaching address the above challenges and gives the necessary solution. For other challenges look at life coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching and spiritual coaching.

Is it lack of motivation? Or lack of Clarity?

Your desire is your natural inbuilt motivation.It is the lack of clarity to fruition of the goal that postpones and causes inaction. The desire is the destination but the clarity is the path of the journey. When the mind is interested in the destination but not in the journey, due to lack of clarity, it feels frustrated, bored, wavers, doubts and postpones.

3 factors determine your Success

1. Passion 2. Know-how 3. Resource

The Wrong Approach

Infusing more of inspiration and motivation is akin to building stronger wings to the bird but without freeing the chained legs. You can flap  but can't soar high. That's because you don't lack desire but lack clarity that leads to sense of self worth and contentment.

The Right Approach

For the bird to soar the chains of the legs are to be removed. These chains are self doubts, uncertainty, and insecurity that muddles your  behavior and approach. The right approach is then to be free of the causation of the slowdown, When nothing holding back one is free of hesitation and self doubts. The clarity and certainty of the fruition gives the enthusiasm and passion to excel.

How to let go off the chain?

To be free of the stifling chain you must be aware of its psychological existence, then identify the nature of them and the root causation of these chains. The root cause is known when one when one is aware of the current understanding of life and followed by questioning the validity of it. When the fundamental understanding of life is redefined clarity dawns along with renewed motivation to excel.

How SISOSU transforms you?

SISOSU is akin to a mirror that facilitates you to be aware of the inner working of the mind. It points to the hidden inadvertent self destructive thoughts and actions. The awareness of these hidden chains allows you to free from it. Without the mental chains holding you would automatically excel and give expression to your unique talents.

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