Life Coaching

What is your challenge?

Fear? Insecurity? Anxiety? Stressed? Anger Issues? Sleeplessness? Guilt? Shame? Confusion? Feel Stuck? lack of direction? clueless on purpose? wavering mind?

Life coaching address the above challenges and gives the necessary solution. For other challenges look at performance coaching, relationship coaching, executive coaching and spiritual coaching.

Understanding subtlety of life

Two factors decide all your actions and inaction in life. One is desire and another is fear. What stops your desire from fruition is fear. The conflict between these two internal factors causes tremendous stress and confusion.

Think of desire as the accelerator and fear as the brakes of your vehicle. When you drive with both the accelerator and brakes simultaneously pushed the car is sure to skid. Similar is the result - stress and discontent - in one's life. 

2 factors determine your action

1. Desire 2. Fear

The Wrong Approach

Pressing on the accelerator without taking the legs of the brakes is how most conventional life coaching programs work through affirmation, swish and motivational self talk to name a few. The harder you press the accelerator can't be the solution if the skidding has to stop.

The Right Approach

You as a human is born with desire. This is the natural motivation. You don't need external motivation or someone giving you desire. Your desire to do more will swell once you have clarity as to its fruition. You need to cut off the fears that hold you down. The bird doesn't need to grow stronger wings it has to free itself of the chains that is tied to its legs.

How to let go off your fears?

You can't let go off your fears without realizing the fallacies of it. The fallacies of the fearful thoughts, the negative thoughts and stifling thoughts are to be unmasked. This happens by delving within. This is the first step of SISOSU, the stepping within. It can't be unmasked without you having a direct experience and realization of its fallacy and redundancy.

How SISOSU transforms you?

SISOSU is akin to a mirror that facilitates you to be aware of the inner fallacies and redundant fears that you hold dearly. It allows you to be aware of the knots you have created between many desires and fears. It allows you to loosen those knots, gain clarity, free yourself from fears, have direction and enthusiasm to live life fully.

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