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Step In - Step Out - Step up (SISOSU™) life coaching program is designed to help discover your immense potential and clarity to live life fully.  Unlike other life coaching programs there are no techniques, no affirmation, no daily practice but permanent transformation. How? Because it addresses the root cause of psychological impediments. Interesting? Learn more on SISOSU the Solution as your next step in serendipity or sign up for a free online Skype session.

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The only hurdle in your path is you. Awareness of this truth is the first step to remove the impediment.

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Short Self Help Courses

These are do it yourself transformation programs. You could also request for custom DIY program. Some of the popular programs are 

Being Free of Stress  

Being Free of Anger

Stay Motivated

Purpose of your life

Being Free of Guilt

Emotional Healing

Solid Mental Strength

Being Free of Negativity

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Customized just for you

Your life is unique because your challenges are unique. The solution has to be unique too! SISOSU life coaching program would be customized every moment throughout the session to constantly meet your coaching objective at the quickest time. It would always be a one on one private coaching online with direct interaction with acclaimed life coach Senthil Shanmugam. Book an online trial session for free.

Life Coaching

For a happy & Fulfilling life

Performance Coaching

Find purpose & Motivation within

Relationship Coaching

For a harmonious & beautiful relationship


Lack of Clarity stifles direction and progress in both personal and professional life. Decisions are postponed and actions lack certitude. It is this clarity that SISOSU™ program works to bring about so you succeed in style and taste contentment in life. Know all Benefits

Spiritual Coaching

Want to tap into infinite cosmic energy?

Pic Blog

Life, work and spiritual wisdom in pictures


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Senthil Shanmugam - Life Transformation Facilitator

Senthil says "Life functions on two driving forces. 1. Desire & 2. Fear. Contemplate on this. To take charge of life one has to be in direct mastery of these two forces. Any attempt without addressing the causation is fixing the symptom and not the root cause. Modern psychology only points to the problem but the fix is not in just identification of the problem. The suggestions and advises by psychological counselors and other life coaches is to manage or suppress the consequence. What is the point of managing anger after it has occurred? Why not empower yourself with the non occurrence of anger? That is the difference between any other life coaching and SISOSU life coaching." Know More


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